CDJ mobilisation exercise

1. Chin tuck

Sit up straight in a chair and look directly ahead of you.
Tuck your chin in without tilting your head down.
Return your head to the original position.

2. Cervical retraction

Lie down on your back with your head resting on a pillow.
Retract your head, pressing down evenly (no tilting up or down) on the pillow with the back of your head.
With your hand, push the chin farther back to feel more of a stretch.

3. Cervical rotation stretch

Sit tall with a good posture and a neutral spine (shoulders back, chest lifted, no forward head posture).
Tuck your chin and rotate the head and as the pain subsides, apply overpressure with your hand.

4. Cervical extension + rotation

Lie on your stomach with your arms at your side. Place a rolled towel under your forehead.
Tuck your chin slightly to elongate your neck.
Take your head off the towel and rotate it to one side.
Turn to the other side.
Avoid effort/strain sensations between the shoulder blades.

5. Seated trigger finger check for postural correction

Point your finger with your thumb sticking out and resting at the base of your throat above your sternum.
Rotate your hand so the finger points directly up to the ceiling.
Tuck you chin to make way for the finger. You finger should rest at the top of your nose or over your lips depending on your face shape.
This is the corrected head posture.