Exercises for Piriformis Syndrome


Lie on your back and have one leg bent.
Place the ankle of the opposite leg over the knee in a figure 4 position.
Using both hands, grab the ankle and the back of the knee.
Pull the knee towards your chest gently until you feel a gentle stretch at the buttock of the elevated leg.
Maintain the stretch for the recommended time.


Lie on your back and lift the affected leg to your chest and grab your knee with your opposite hand while the other leg stays straight.
Gently pull your leg across your chest to the opposite shoulder until a stretch is felt deep in the buttocks and let your foot hang over the straight leg.
Maintain your pelvis in contact with the floor by applying pressure with the other hand.
Maintain the position and relax.


Lie down on your back and place the ankle on the opposite knee. Pull on the lower shin with one hand and push on the knee with the other.
Keep the body relaxed.
You should feel a comfortable stretch in your buttock.
Repeat with the other leg.


Cross the legs with the leg to be stretched on top.
Gently pull the lower knee toward the chest with your hands placed under the knee until a stretch is felt in the buttocks.


Lie on your back with your knees bent, place the affected-side foot over the opposite knee and the unaffected-side foot flat on the wall with the leg bent to 90 degrees.
Maintain the position and relax.
Push on your knee to increase the stretch.


Sit down in a chair and cross your right leg over your left by placing the outside of your ankle over your opposite knee.
Now lean forward toward your ankle and knee.
Hold the position for the recommended time and repeat on the other side.
Repeat as recommended.


Sit down on the floor and position a lacrosse ball under your buttocks over your piriformis muscle.Roll the ball from side to side over the area.Support your weight with your feet and hands.


Lie down over a spikey ball so that the ball is positioned under the lateral region of your buttocks.
Roll over the ball to massage the area.


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