Shoulder Exercises (RCRSP Mid stage)

1. Full shoulder flexion (mini-band)

Put the band around your wrists with your elbows extended and arms by your side.
Put a minimal amount of pressure into the band and rotate your thumbs 45° out.
Maintaining the pressure, lift your arms all the way overhead.
Do not extend your spine or thrust your chin forward.
Lower the arms to come back to the starting position and repeat.

Reps 10, Sets 3, Rest 3 min

2. Strengthening supra-spinatus

Stand, pull the tip of your shoulder backward and turn your hand so your thumb is facing backward and your palm outward.
Raise your arm sideways to 90 degrees, keeping it straight.
Lower your arm slowly and repeat.

Reps 10, Sets 3, Rest 3 min

3. Empty can

Stand up with a band placed under your foot and held in your arm on the affected side.
With your arm turned so your thumb is facing down, lift your arm at shoulder height.
Lift in the scapular plane, in about 30-45 degrees forward from lifting completely sideways.
Lower in a controlled movement.

Reps 10, Sets 3, Rest 3 min

4. Side lying external rotation

Lie on your side with a weight in your top hand, elbow bent to 90 degrees.
Place a rolled towel between your arm and your side.
Rest your head on your free arm.
Externally rotate the arm to lift the weight up.
Keep your body still; do not turn the trunk to assist the movement.

Reps 10, Sets 3, Rest 3 min

5. External rotation w/ elastic

Anchor a resistance band at elbow height at your side.
Tuck your chin and squeeze back/lower slightly the shoulder then externally rotate your arm out as much as you can against the resistance of the band
Make sure your elbow does not come away from your body.
Return and repeat.
Keep the elbow bent 90°.

6. ER in scapular plane

Stand with the band anchored by the outside of your foot, on the unaffected side. With the elbow bent to 90 °, raise the elbow to the side of the body-at approximately 45 ° and in front of the body at approximately 30 °. Begin with the affected palm down, holding the band. Maintaining the shoulder and elbow position, and rotate the hand up. Slowly lower the hand to the starting position and repeat.

7. Shoulder internal rotation

Lie on the edge of a bed on your affected shoulder.
Put a small rolled towel under your head and keep your body straight. You can bend the knees for added stability.
With a weight in your hand, rotate the arm to bring the back of the hand toward the ground and then up.

8. Shoulder internal rotation

Stand sideways in front of a closed door with a piece of tubing attached to it.
Bend your elbow closest to the door to 90 degrees.
Hold the elastic in your hand and pull it inwards by rotating the arm to bring the palm toward the stomach.

9. Shoulder internal rotation

Stand and tie an elastic behind you at head level.
Hold the end of the elastic, bend your elbow to 90 degrees and lift your arm out to the side to 45 degrees.
Pull the tip of your shoulder backwards while you rotate your forearm downward, keeping your elbow bent.
Slowly return to the initial position and repeat.