ITB and TFL Stretches


Lie down on your back. Keep one leg straight and cross the opposite foot over that leg-at the tibia level. Pull the straight leg gently with the foot toward the inside until you feel a stretch on the external portion of the straight leg. Hold the stretch for the recommended time.


Lie on your side on the side of a bed with your leg to stretch on top.
Place a pillow under your head for comfort and drop your top leg off the side of the bed.
Keep your pelvis vertical and trunk aligned; do not go into rotation.
Keep the stretched leg close to the bed, without too much hip flexion.
Hold the position when you feel a comfortable stretch along the side of your hip/thigh.
You can help yourself with your top arm to maintain the position by placing the hand on the bed.


On all fours, place one knee over the midline and on the opposite side of the other knee.
Slowly lean back and towards the side to feel a stretch.
Return and repeat.


Sit with your back straight and cross one leg over the other.
Hold your knee with the opposite arm and pull your knee across your chest towards the opposite shoulder until you feel a stretch on the outside leg and/or buttock.
Maintain the position for the recommended time.


Stand next to a wall with the involved leg toward the wall.
Cross over the uninvolved leg in front and push your hips towards the wall until you feel a stretch on the side of your thigh and buttocks.
Keep the foot of the stretched leg pointed forward or, if possible, slightly toward the wall.
Hold the stretch.


Stand and slightly bend the knees and press your hip out to the side.
Support your weight on the wall (same side) and through the opposite leg.


Stand 15 to 30 cm (6 inches to 1 foot) from the wall with the right shoulder closest to the wall.
Rotate the buttocks toward the wall as you reach out to the left with your hands and flex the knees, drop the hips and maintain a neutral lumbar spine.
Let your right hip ”bang” lightly into the wall and then immediately returns to the start position.
Do not hold the reaching position (on the wall).
Do the opposite to work the left hip.


While standing on the involved leg, cross your opposite leg in front then push the hips out to the side until a stretch is felt on the outside of the hip.


While standing on the involved leg, cross your opposite leg behind your support leg. Then push the hips out to the side and raise your arm overhead until a stretch is felt on the outside of the hip.


Stand and cross one leg in front of the other. Bend forward as far as possible without bending your knees.
Slightly turn your body towards the side of the front leg until you feel a stretch on the exterior side of the back leg.
Hold the stretch and slowly return to the initial position.


Place your foam roller on the floor. Take a side position with the outside of the hip over the foam roller and your other leg in front for support.
Roll over the TFL muscle that is situated on the side of your hip, right in front of the upper trochanter (the bone you can feel on the side of your hip), in an up and down motion.
Maintain your abs tight and proper low back posture during the exercise.


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