Glutes Stretching Exercises


Start on all four. Cross a leg in front. Then, extend the opposite leg behind.
Keep your hips and shoulders facing forward, and your spine straight and tall.
Hold the stretch.


Sit on a bench or chair.
Cross one leg over the other.
With both hands, pull the knee toward the opposite shoulder and hold when you feel a comfortable stretch.


Stand in front of a table (height is about mid-thigh or higher).
Rotate the leg and place the lower leg on the table.
The opposite leg remains extended with the foot flat on the floor.
The torso and spine should be in a neutral and erect posture.
Then, flex the stance leg to feel a stretch in the hip.
Hold and repeat as recommended.
A pillow can be placed under the thigh and knee of the flexed leg to decrease pressure.


Stand with your feet hip width apart.
Raise one knee towards your chest and with both hands, pull your knee up to increase the range.
Your back must stay straight and your foot must stay aligned with your knee during the movement.
Bring your knee back down slowly and under controlled.
Repeat with your other leg.


Sit with your back straight and cross one leg over the other.
Hold your knee with the opposite arm and pull your knee across your chest towards the opposite shoulder until you feel a stretch on the outside leg and/or buttock.
Maintain the position for the recommended time.


Sit down on a chair and position a ball under the glute area.
Massage the region, searching for tender spots. You can pause for a few moments on the tender spot to release it further.
You can also pull your glute same-side knee across the chest to stretch your glute at the same time.


Place your foam roller on the floor and sit on it having one foot over the opposite knee in a figure 4 position.
Roll along your buttock in a front to back motion from your lower back to the bottom of the buttock.
Maintain your abs tight and proper lower back posture during the exercise.

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